Our School - Principal's Message

St Brigid's provides an environment which promotes learning for all. In order to achieve this we ensure that staff and students are provided with a safe space where they can learn and grow. Our focus is our students and their familes whom we serve. Although they have diverse and varied backgrounds, our students and their familes bring to our school a wealth of talents and knowledge which they willingly share with the wider community.

As part of the St Brigid's staff, we work to ensure that Christ is at the centre of all we do in our daily school life. This is reflected in the way we work together, work with our students and in our general interactions with the wider community. We strive to be role models to our students and to actively live our lives through strength and gentleness. Our Catholic faith underpins all we do.

Being part of a professional learning community means that we work collaboritivley to be interdependant and focus on learning rather than teaching. We embrace the paradigm that learning is life long and that we need to teach children how to learn not just what to learn. These are skills and knowledge that our students will take with them into the wider world as they become productive and valuable members of society in their later years.  

I welcome you to St Brigid's and invite you to become part of our school community.